Ep96-The Mind Body Problem and Mormonism

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  2. I absolutely love the fact that you guys "get" that there is a problem of consciousness. And I like Blake's analysis.

    I do disagree with one of the premises, however. Remember, in LDS theology, we believe in a veil. This doctrine tells us that we have memories which we are currently blocked from accessing.

    So, when someone is "knocked unconscious," we need not suppose that they are not experiencing consciousness. Rather, it could be the case that when they are once more connected to their mortal brain, they simply do not remember what they experienced. In a similar way, when I wake up from sleeping I don't remember most of my dreams.

    Someone who has been knocked unconscious may be in a "limbo" state where they are conscious but because they are not interacting with their mortal brain, they are not recording their thoughts in that brain.

    In other words, the way this mortal state is set up, our consciousness is limited to information from the brain. Unfortunately, the brain does not always give accurate information. Some people experience severe mental illness where the brain does not accurately interpret data and gives the spirit and mind poor information to work with. Sometimes, areas which the brain relies on for its algorithm are damaged, which therefore affects the view which the brain presents to the consciousness. Mind-altering drugs can do the same thing.

    If the brain gives the consciousness a pattern representing pain, it feels pain. If the brain gives a pattern associated as the color red, it sees the color red. And so on. If someone took a heavy dose of drugs, it might interfere with the brain and generate an elaborate and false view which the brain presents to the consciousness. And if the brain is not active, the consciousness might go to the other side of the veil, or it might simply hibernate.


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