091-Sacramental Re-member-ing as At-one-ment-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 17

Show Notes:

Sacramental Re-member-ing as At-one-ment

The ordinance of the sacrament is the perfect re-pres- ent-ation of Christ’s atonement, of his life entering into us as we covenant to give our lives to him wholly. The sacrament is a sacred moment in which we embody Christ’s life into our very lives

The bread eaten in this sacred moment is the very food that becomes our bodies, the sustenance that nourishes us, and the energy by which we carry on our life activities.

Jesus said: “This cup is the new testament of my blood, which is shed for you” (Luke 22:20). The blood is the seat of life... He is asking us to take his very life into us. The blood is a testament, a testimony, a new covenant.

His spirit...breath metaphor

Christ is the 2nd Adam. In atonement Christ becomes man that man might become Christ. Just as we are all Adam, so the meaning of the sacrament is that we are all in Christ and his life is in us. The Atonement is effective only when we are as Christ is.

The purpose of mortal life is to empower us to bring about a transformation of the kind of relationship in which we stand in relation to God.

He has given his life for us, and it is therefore now our life to live as a gift to others. He has given himself as the light of the world so that we can see where to walk; it is now up to us to be a light to the world. He is the Son of God. It is now up to us to become sons and daughters of God in a newness of life—a life shared in loving indwelling of him in us and us in him. That is what it is to be at one in this moment. Atonement is a way of being in the world. To be at one with us is God’s way of being with and in us. It is now open to us to give our life to him to be in him as he is in us.


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