Ep87-Original Sin and the Human Condition-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 13

Show Notes:

Original Sin and the Human Condition

one of the hallmarks of Joseph Smith’s theology is the rejection of actual original sin—the notion that we deserve to be punished for what Adam did. According to Joseph Smith, we can only be accountable for our own actions and are not morally culpable for the acts of another, including Adam. Rather, we suffer from “hypothetical original sin,” meaning that we would all be lost and captive to sin if it were not for the Atonement. However, as a result of the Atonement we are free to choose for ourselves.1 That is, we would be consigned to be forever cut off from God without the healing of the relationship which is to be at-one-ment.

God does not look on the outward appearance. Instead, when God looks at us, He sees our heart and our eternal core that shine with truth. In our hearts we are connected to eternity, for the energy of light and vibration of love still burns there if we are open to encounter it. The primary challenge of sin is a problem of heart. Sin interferes with our ability to connect to eternity, to feel God’s love and constant, still whisper. Moreover, the decision to harden our heart is ours alone.

Talk more bout the meaning and symbolism of the heart. Soft vs hard

Naked before god

Circumcision symbolism

The very notion of a self-image is a type of self-absorbed concern about how we imagine others see us......Judgment is at the center of our pain. Pain causes us to choose to harden our hearts. Rather than letting our light shine in the majesty of power and divinity that lies within us, we become a mere reflection of a false image.

Jesus overturned this false image culture...Jesus really gave three commandments: love God, love others, and love ourselves. It is impossible for me to love others as I love myself unless I truly love myself.


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