Ep84-The Fruit of Our Mortal Lives-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 10

Show Notes:

The Fruit of Our Mortal Lives

It is important to note that Adam and Eve were not cast out of the garden for eating the fruit. God’s penalty for that was death—not banishment from His presence. Adam and Eve chose to hide from God, and He honored their choice to be separated from Him

The Tree of Life represents exactly what its name implies—the fruit of our mortal experiences in this life. We cannot partake of that fruit until we have gone through this life. There are no shortcuts and we cannot go around it. We cannot go back the way we came because of this simple fact: experiential knowledge can only be gained from life’s experience.

Lehi/Nephi vision of the tree of life

‘It is the same tree that Adam was barred from eating. It is as if the very fruit that is deadly poison before we have had a chance to fully experience mortality is also the sweetest blessing we can conceive after we have trudged through the darkness and mists of life. But why?

The fruit of the Tree of Life is a blessing to us only after we have experienced the challenges of life. It teaches us that those experiences which seem to be the worst experiences of life are transformed into the greatest blessings of our lives.”


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