Ep82-We Are All Adam & Eve-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 8

Show Notes:

The Heart of Atonement

If God desires our love in return for His, then why did He block the way back to His presence by seraphim holding a sword? The story of human alienation and healing the broken relationship is at the center of Joseph Smith’s view of atonement—for atonement is the way of being in the world that heals the broken relationship. It is the story of this breaking and healing that I want to tell here.

We Are All Adam and Eve

Explain Adam and Eve etymology

The story of Eden is the story of life for mankind and is the necessary starting place to grasp the meaning of Joseph Smith’s thought.

The deep truth of the story of Adam and Eve, the persons standing in the place of all humankind, is that we begin life already in God’s presence. It is significant therefore that the first act of God after creating man and breathing life into him is to cause a deep sleep to come upon him. Equally important is the fact that the text never states that Adam wakes up. Life in this sphere of existence is a sleep and a dream in which we forget our true home.

There is only one place that Adam is commanded to “awake and arise”—it is the one place we can go to truly wake up to our lives....referring to the temple I assume?

Breathing...The first act of every human life is thus an act of trust and faith. We dare to trust the world by accepting what is Other than us into our bodies to give us life itself.

The fall: The central challenge for the Augustinian way of looking at things is to explain how a creation which God created to reflect His perfection could suddenly and inexplicably go wrong. However, in Joseph Smith’s writings the choice made by Adam and Eve in the garden was not a wrong choice; it was simply a choice. For Joseph Smith, the so-called “fall” is not a disaster but an opportunity...

They engaged in the first act of sin when they freely chose to hide from God, for all sin consists essentially in breaking or injuring some relationship.

In the Story Eve saw that  confronting a world with the possibility of evil would serve them to grow toward the ultimate gift from God: to gain eternal life by living the very kind of life He lives and thus become like the gods. And thus she ate (Gen. 3:6)

Satan’s lie is not easy to detect. It is true that by eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve shall be as the gods. It is true that despite mortal death, they shall live. However, it is not true that they need to know both good and evil to be as the gods. What they need to learn is not how to do evil as well as good, but how to distinguish good from evil. As Lehi stated, “they have become free forever, knowing good from evil” (2 Ne. 2:26)

Adam and Eve choose without understanding what future their choice holds for them—for they make the choice for the very purpose of gaining the understanding of what it is to be mortal. They choose to leave God’s presence and live as mortals, but they cannot grasp what such a life means. Thus, they are choosing in trust, without knowing what life concretely holds for them in the future.

According to Joseph Smith we have all made the same choice as Adam and Eve. We were not thrown into the world without our consent. We are not here to be punished for an act that we had no control over. We are here because we chose to confront the challenges inherent in growth and life itself.

God does not set up a lose-lose or a win-lose proposition, where if we make mistakes along the way we are lost; rather, He is only interested in a win- win proposition. The purpose of life is to learn from our experiences here; and by merely experiencing this life will we fulfill our purpose in life! “For all of these things shall give [us] experience and shall be for [our] good” (D&C 122:7).


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