Ep77-The Language of Ritual Viewed From Within-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 3

Show Notes:

The Language of Ritual Viewed From Within

One way to communicate the life “in” God that maintains the I-Thou relationship is through ritual and rites. Ordinances can convey the life of God to our souls because they participate in what they signify—our relationship with God by which we become identified with God.

The ordinances are a means of ritually participating in the divinizing experience of Jesus Christ.

Baptism / sacrament example

Old Christian anointing

These rituals are ordinances of salvation because they signify the relationship with God. Salvation consists precisely in a fullness of relationship with God. However, it is a relationship that seeks to include all persons, both those who have lived and those who will yet live.

Thus, the ordinances do not merely represent, but also actually constitute, our identity and relationship with those who have departed as a means of accomplishing their exaltation in addition to our own.


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