079-The Peer Relationship as Christology-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 5

Show Notes:

The Peer Relationship as Christology

Joseph Smith saw that God did not seek a relationship of master to subject, nor of owner to slave. Instead, he had the gall to teach that God seeks genuine peers. It was the most astounding insight of his prophetic vision: Because we are of the same genus and species, a genuine relationship is possible between God and humans.

Joseph’s revelations obliterated the vast ontological gulf between God and humans. This ontological gulf is the source of intractable theological problems, including attempts to develop a coherent Christology.

Expound on that.

In the Godhead there are distinct divine persons, but there are hardly separated or independent divine persons. In the divine life there is no alienation, isolation, or secretiveness. The divine persons exist in a unity that includes loving, interpenetrating, and intimate knowledge of another who is also in one’s self

(christ) became our peer in all things so that we might become His peers in all things.


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