Ep75-The Invitation That Calls to Us-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 1

Show Notes:

The Invitation That Calls to Us

It is significant, for reasons that I will explain shortly, that Joseph Smith did not arrive at his understanding of God and the cosmos based on a theological analysis. 

His religious vision was more like sparks flying from a flint wheel than a seamless fabric of postulates and premises. However, these sparks did not careen off the wheel at random; rather, they flashed in a common direction and in interesting patterns. His insights are like embers of thought deep in the heart seeking to catch fire, like fuel for creative contemplation.

Indwelling unity 

The stunning reality, according to Joseph Smith, is that the very purpose of human life consists in the fact that persons have been invited “into” this relationship. 

The realization that divinity is essentially a loving relationship of properly perfected persons—a plurality in unity—was the organizing principle of Joseph Smith’s prophetic vision. It explains his dream for an ideal social order known as Zion: the unity of heart and mind that characterizes God’s people.

Zion, temple rituals, ordinances for the dead, plural marriage....all are our family in the end.


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