Ep76-An Ethic of Religious Discourse-Fire on the Horizon-Ch 2

Show Notes:

An Ethic of Religious Discourse

An ethical problem with the way we talk about God immediately arises from our interpersonal commitment to God. A Christian cannot speak of God as if God were just some object of analysis among others. The proper relation to God demands that we approach Him as a Holy Thou.

I it vs I thou

The same demand exists within the human-divine relationship. To approach God as a Thou demands that we not treat God as merely an object of analysis.

How does theology fit with this?

The closest analogue to breaking the sacred silence is infidelity or unfaithfulness. Similarly, if I were to colloquially discuss with anyone, as an object of discourse, the acts of physical intimacy that I enjoy with my wife, I would be unfaithful to the trust inherent in my marital relationship. By making my intimate relationship an object of discourse, I objectify it; thus I devalue and degrade it. Looked at from the outside, my physical intimacies with my wife become pornographic and vulgar. If I were to dis- cuss the sexual passion occurring in my relationship with my wife, I would be unfaithful to our relationship; I would transform an I-Thou relationship into an It-It relationship; I would profane the holy. Depicting the act of human intimacy from outside of the relationship looks the same whether it involves a caring spouse or a prostitute. The sacred value can be seen only from within the relationship. It is therefore imperative to understand that the value and life of the relationship is wounded when it is made an object of discourse.

How does this relate to the temple ordinances?


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