Ep68-Jesus Christ the Savior of the World-The Plan of Atonement Theodicy (pt 5) - Vol 4

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We discuss how Jesus' life and atonement help solve the problem of evil.

Sin, Suffering, and Soul-Making:
Joseph Smith on the Problem of Evil

Earlier, when we introduced the logical problem of evil, we argued that most discussions of the problem were too narrow and especially unfair to the Christian believer in that they failed to take into account the problem’s strongest solution—the incarnation of God the Son in the person of Jesus of Nazareth and his triumph over sin, suffering, and death through his atonement and resurrection. But ironically, the strongest solution to the problem of evil, when understood in traditional terms, becomes itself another problem.

There are two types of soteriological problems of evil. The first type arises out of the New Testament teaching that salvation comes only through Christ. We call this the “exclusion problem.” The second problem, which we call the “foreknowledge problem,” arises because God created persons knowing that they would be consigned to hell.


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