Ep3-The Attributes of God-Ch 1: The Meaning of God in Mormon Thought (Part 2)

Show Notes:

Subordinate Gods

gods Vs God (Capital G)

Are we eternally subordinate eternally? I thought God wanted peers not slaves/subordinates. More like a Guru that a King.

Is this Kingship Monotheism?

Apotheosis: Human Gods

D&C 76:58

Is divinity communicable.

Does God endow this power or do you progress into it on your own?

Participation in divine nature? What does it mean.

Mostly Eastern Orthodox in it's Christian origins?

How do we 'participate in the divine nature?'

"God” as a Relationship of Unity Among a Plurality of Persons

Unified beings. Social Trinitarianism? So "God" Means all members of the God head?

What limits do having a body place on them? Describe immanence

God and Perfection

Lectures on Faith. What are they? JS did endorse them at one time.

Do they possibly reveal early JS thought that was superseded by later revelation?

Adequate object of faith? Can a finite God be this? Mother Theresa analogy?

Different assumptions in lectures in Classical Theism than in Mormon thought?

Explain "minimally sufficient object of faith"

Greatest conceivable being? Spinoza....Dennis Potter's concerns

“God’s power must be sufficient to “insure our salvation against all persons and forces who could possibly oppose his will.” “But if the revealed god were in any way subjected to another, there certainly would be another being who could frustrate the purposes of the revealed Father. For example, it is possible that the will of the revealed Father could conflict with that of the more ultimate god and that the will of the more ultimate god would prevail.”

Are there two ultimates? God and Creativity or 'nature'?

Existence as a property?

Some properties have no upper limit? Tallest conceivable man?

Please Explain:

“1) possesses all of the great-making-properties it is possible for any one being to possess; and (2) for every great-making-property that admits of an intrinsic upper limit, such properties are pos“sessed in their maximal degree; and (3) for every great-making-property that does not admit of an intrinsic upper limit, such properties are possessed to a degree unsurpassed by any other being except the perfect being at some later point in time, and (4) for every great-making-property that conflicts with another such property, each such property is possessed, if at all, to the degree not inconsistent with more preferable great-making-properties.”

God and Possible Worlds

Possible worlds? Conceivable vs possible

“A possible world is a complete set of the way things are or could be. It includes not only what is but also what could be if the actual world were different. For example, it is possible that the Detroit Tigers rather than the Baltimore Orioles may have won the World Series in 1967. ”

1. Logical Necessity

2. Nomological Necessity

3. Factual Ontological Necessity

4. Past Necessity

5. Logical Contingency

6. Logical Impossibility

7. Logical Compossibility


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