Ep2-The Attributes of God-Ch 1: The Meaning of God in Mormon Thought (Part 1)

Show Notes:

Why don't LDS like philosophy/theology.

What are the dangers of using it.

Same question about being analytic.

Finding a common language with analytics.... Outsider and insider

Attribute and Essence:

Essential/Non-essential properties...Table metaphor

Define divine attribute.

Meaning of the word "God"   Name or title of being with properties

Is God a Title or a Name

Bachelor metaphor

God being good. Personal or impersonal

Is God a class of being or a position? Can it be occupied by more than one being?

God and Monotheism

problem of the one and the many


Explain this:
(1) The Son and the Father have in common certain properties of the kind K.
(2) All beings who have properties of the kind K belong to the class of beings we refer to as Gods.
(3) Therefore the Son and the Father belong to the class of things we refer to as Gods.

Single Supreme Member of the class God?

The Divine Thou

In Mormonism Gods are fully 'other' unlike traditional christian thought. Explain this.

What is a 'Thou'?

How do we share in 'Unity'? homogeny or something else


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